Education is limitless. It knows no boundaries. Education is a life – long learning process. Learning takes place everywhere- home, school and society. Hence, it becomes very crucial for the children to be provided with a holistic learning environment and a world of opportunities.

Every child is unique and possesses hidden potentials. To harness the inner abilities of our children, we at MCPS  bring in innovative teaching methodologies thus aiding the development of critical thinking in them.

We firmly believe that striving to do better leads to excellence, hence our Motto is ” A Step Towards Excellence”.

Parents, staff and students are the three strong pillars of a successful school. Their co-operation and co-ordination paves the way for brighter future of our learners.

In conclusion, I extend my wishes to you all for a glorious and enriching school year.

Mr. Mayank Bhushan Singh

Managing Director, MCPS.